About Babaz'Inov

Born in Annecy in 1945, Michel BABAZ has fished with his father from an early age. At 8, he sails the boat alone and sells his catch to the local fishmonger to earn his pocket money.

After a career as a buyer in paper mills and mechanics, he trains in fish farming in 1986 for a project to breed arctic chars in the Clarée valley in the Hautes-Alpes.

In 1990, he founds the innovation company Babaz Conception. He designs and sells the Gaz Key for which he won the 1992 Gold medal of the Concours Lépine.

He also develops the Rainwater collection system CAPT'EAU that earns him the silver medal of the Concours Lépine in 1993 and the DIY Academy Trophy in 1995.

So far, these two inventions have sold more than 2 million and nearly 500,000 copies in France and in Europe.

In 2000, he founds the company Babaz'Inov in Briançon and surrounds himself with a network of high-performance partners: design office, French manufacturers, especially around Oyonnax in the Plastics Valley.

In 2012, at the age of 67, Michel Babaz sells the molds of his water collection system to finance and continue his activity of inventor. However, he keeps the possibility of selling it on the Internet and creates the Rainwater filter FILTR'O to be placed between the collector and the tank.

Back to to the passion of fishing, he invents ingenious and innovative solutions in fishing gear, drawn from a whole life experience. His latest invention is FLOAT'COOL, the first dynamic float that catches the wind and attracts fishes by dragging along the bottom of the fishing line.

To satisfy his wife who loves gardening on their balcony in Briançon, he creates JARDIFIX Pots and Planters innovative Holders, that can be hanged on any type of vertical pipes, barriers or walls.

The JARDIFIX larch wood Bird Feeder / Birdhouse is born in the same spirit: to sedentarize the birds, for the pleasure, but also to hunt for pests like the processionary caterpillars.

In 2018, the new objective is the development of sales in France and abroad, in particular those of the JARDIFIX range.